Tuesday, December 21, 2010

HELLO 2011!

2010 proved to be a pretty amazing year for me, especially after experiencing so much loss and turmoil in the 3 years before.
  • In 2010 my marriage proved to be stronger than the demons trying to destroy it.

  • We moved out of the town I was raised in to a new, beautiful house, in an even smaller town that we LOVE.

  • I was able to quit my job and concentrate on my love/passion for photography.

  • Finally figured out what was making my potassium drop to a dangerous level (more on that someday).

  • Then the year ended with the best Christmas gift EVER... a new grand daughter born on Christmas Eve!


Now for 2011!!

  • Learn as much as I can this year about photography, lighting, posing, photo shop, trying to soak it all in... never want to stop learning.
  • Create and offer my own designs for my customers...cards..etc.
  • Cook more from scratch, less processed, and organic when I can. ( more to come on this)
  • Grow a garden.
  • Shop local, for everything from eating out to buying gifts, to buying produce from local farmers.
  • Keep my potassium in check by eating less carbs and sugars.
  • Back to taking the family on weekend road trips...I miss those dearly and we are starting this Monday with a day trip to a dinosaur museum!

I am so excited about the coming year, so many ideas my brain just can't settle down and I can't wait to share with you all. But, it's after 3am, so I am shutting it down for now. Looking forward to the future....Goodnight.

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